Management, planning and control

We help you to deepen the knowledge of your business by analyzing historical data and strengths/weaknesses of your business. Thoroughly analyzed historical data are key to carefully plan the future of your company, whether in continuity or in discontinuity the current business model.

We help you to identify all appropriate and required actions to improve margins and organizational efficiency.

We support you in the developmemt of budgeting and reporting systems both for internal audit purpose and communications to the market and regulatory authorities.

We help you to optimize business processes, from the "AS IS", to "TO BE".

Financial advisory

We support you in the development of Industrial Plans: a well thought and implemented plan will help your company to grow reaching corporate and financial targets and will also become a very effective communication tool while negotiating with potential industrial and financial partners.

We assist you in planning ordinary business financial needs, through the preparation of treasury and cash plans.

We assist you in structuring financial operations (such as minibonds, bond loans, convertible bond loans etc.) from the presentation of the Company's development project,to the due diligence, to the negotiations with potential partners up to the financial closing.


We provide you with corporate, accounting and tax assistance, advising in the planning and execution of extraordinary transactions, sales, mergers & acquisitions.

We perform accounting, tax and financial due diligence.

We draft and prepare (i) Teaser and Information Memorandum for the presentation of the business development project to potential industrial and / or financial partners; (ii) Vendor Memorandum for the presentation of assets for saleto the market.

We carry out company assessments for (i) Fairness Opinion (ii) calculation of exchange ratios in M&A transactions (iii) estimate in asset transfer transactions (iv) appraisals according to specific tax laws.


We assist you in turnaround processes, providing diagnostics of organizational, production and commercial inefficiencies.

We help you to define discontinuous industrial plans.

We assist you in the crisis management (corporate recovery plan development, determination of financial needs, structuring of financial sources and funding).

Business crisis regulation and alert procedures

We help your company to comply with the new Italian legislation on business crisis through the development of financial planning tools.

The discipline of business crisis can be a moment of growth for small and medium-sized companies, which need to educate their organization to the management of predictive information flows.

Our team can assist your top management and the stakeholders in the selection of a reporting and budgeting structure tailored to the size and characteristics of your company.


We review the financial statements of your company.

The statutory audit improves and promotes transparency and credibility and represents a powerful tool to communicate with the stakeholders and a potential competitive edge when dealing with partners, clients and financial insititutions.

With our multidisciplinary technical background we are able to deal with the continuous regulatory changes on financial reporting, business conduct, national and international accounting standards.

Corporate advisory

We provide assistance throughout the whole life of your company from its incorporation to the day to day business, offering ongoing advice on corporate law, accounting and corporate taxation.

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